Friday August 18 6pm-10pm EST

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Séminaire MF

Guillaume Lagarde (Owner)

Room Recordings

Name Thumbnails Length Users Visibility Formats
Richard Combes -- Solving Random Parity Games in Polynomial Time        
Recorded on
50 min 25 Presentation
Igor Konnov -- Using TLA+ and Apalache to specify and check the Tendermint light client
Recorded on
1 h 12 min 23 Presentation
Mikael Monet -- Counting Problems over Incomplete Databases
Recorded on
42 min 24 Presentation
Loïc Paulevé -- Boolean networks: semantics, complexity, and abstraction of quantitative systems 
Recorded on
52 min 15 Presentation
Damien Busatto-Gaston -- Monte Carlo Tree Search guided by Symbolic Advice for MDPs
Recorded on
59 min 14 Presentation
Guillermo A. Perez -- Safe Learning for Near Optimal Scheduling
Recorded on
52 min 19 Presentation
Helmut Seidl -- When Is a Bottom-up Deterministic Tree Transducer Top-down Deterministic?
Recorded on
57 min 25 Presentation
Elena Gutierrez -- A Congruence-based Perspective on Automata Minimization Algorithms
Recorded on
46 min 36 Presentation
Ana Ozaki -- Learning Description Logic Ontologies
Recorded on
52 min 29 Presentation
Abhishek De -- A parallel syntax for non-wellfounded proof theory
Recorded on
50 min 17 Presentation
Antoine Amarilli -- Query evaluation on probabilistic data: a story of dichotomies
Recorded on
1 h 4 min 27 Presentation
Thibault Godin -- Order problem for automaton semigroups
Recorded on
1 h 1 min 49 Presentation
Filip Mazowiecki -- On polynomial recursive sequences
Recorded on
1 h 2 min 33 Presentation
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